Welcome to San Bernardo, an establishment in the countryside that offers comfort, refinment and sustainable tourism.

Tapalpa hotel san bernardo


Having as a frame the entrance the valley of the Piedrotas or big rocks. The main house has wide spaces and a spectacular entrance framing the view of the lake and the forest.

Great walls made out of rock (laja rajuelada) created by the hands of experienced craftsmens from the area, with a singular style, creates a contemporary architecture using regional materials.

The warmth and hospitality in which our guests are treated are two factors that form the essential part  of your stay at San Bernardo.



Allow us to spoil you with the comfort of our amenities, the comfort of our rooms, the fine decoration, the beauty of our gardens and the delicacies of our kitchen.

In winter the atmosphere becomes one of warmth and welcome with an aroma of romance.

The wealth and originality of the activities make it the place of privileged encounter for nature lovers in search of extreme sensations.

Our delights

Here the pleasure transforms according to the season. We manage the changes of the seasons giving treasures of freshness. We produce in our home cheese, eggs, marmelades, jams, candy, liquors, honey, fruit and vegetables, raising turkys, lambs, rabbits and trout which are part of our menu. We look to create in our menu the authenticity of the flavors of Mexico by creating simple and elegant recipies which make them innovating and delicious, combined with the wines from our cellar.



Nuestro spa ” Las Tinajas ” , con vistas al lago cuenta con grandes ventanas y una piscina de natación cubierta y está dedicado a su bienestar.
Cada cosa que se haga para que usted pueda disfrutar de la comodidad y refinment de nuestro establecimiento .

! Ven a vivir una nueva experiencia !